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Who We Are?

Digilira is a platform that allows Turkish citizens to convert Turkish Liras (TRY) into crypto currency Turkish Liras (WTRY) and trade with Turkish Liras at Waves DEX. Brand name of digilira comes from "Digital Turkish Lira". The virtual counterpart of real Turkish Liras are always backed on 1:1. Digilira is serving as a gateway for both of them.
Digilira Leasing


Amount Recipient Asset
0.39 3PKfuiqT2KTpMD1pg1eyn1ULb1QCEp2fsLS MRT
0.03012426 3PKfuiqT2KTpMD1pg1eyn1ULb1QCEp2fsLS WAVES
0.51 3PJncxyVMYSo6FjrNMmzdy4QhjhvKbkLyrL MRT
0.04067268 3PJncxyVMYSo6FjrNMmzdy4QhjhvKbkLyrL WAVES
0.05 3P6Evz9mppDzV1zAPq7sY1H2zsRnXjDwaZE MRT
0.00431480 3P6Evz9mppDzV1zAPq7sY1H2zsRnXjDwaZE WAVES
0.59 3P4NLcYMu9mzpi9NeMzRw6HeH9zCdW5kUAz MRT
0.04663373 3P4NLcYMu9mzpi9NeMzRw6HeH9zCdW5kUAz WAVES
0.75 3PJCcR5UtGwcV8JrETSCVgWPffbHFbi55Lf MRT
0.06035106 3PJCcR5UtGwcV8JrETSCVgWPffbHFbi55Lf WAVES
10.77 3PMxWxB5WiW1pJ2mZJCNEkZYVB1eqzu31MY MRT
0.86724899 3PMxWxB5WiW1pJ2mZJCNEkZYVB1eqzu31MY WAVES
0.00 3PC8fo7ht2nMP1udtDVnSM7jhykjjierpgU MRT
0.00033731 3PC8fo7ht2nMP1udtDVnSM7jhykjjierpgU WAVES
0.79 3PPQxrnMjparRd6dYZAZT7x9DTev4LQ62cj MRT
0.06380029 3PPQxrnMjparRd6dYZAZT7x9DTev4LQ62cj WAVES
0.00 3PPN4oHBDEqU2HsNEurKHd6LxXmAhfigLwB MRT
0.00039875 3PPN4oHBDEqU2HsNEurKHd6LxXmAhfigLwB WAVES
0.00 3PNp1bTnDHR8EaeabvTXuADzkbAj3eDDvDt MRT
0.00002087 3PNp1bTnDHR8EaeabvTXuADzkbAj3eDDvDt WAVES
0.50 3PL2bB1zA6eYkSL5U3KNz8R6shCnySLEEoE MRT
0.04007359 3PL2bB1zA6eYkSL5U3KNz8R6shCnySLEEoE WAVES
0.02 3PBKNt3KvBdTRPCVTCFhafBohFHurdEH2sb MRT
0.00199376 3PBKNt3KvBdTRPCVTCFhafBohFHurdEH2sb WAVES
0.00 3P7A3ip7FTqbVKcsywoVRPW6jmif8EocGa9 MRT
0.00007006 3P7A3ip7FTqbVKcsywoVRPW6jmif8EocGa9 WAVES
0.00 3PH56xdmdJLhxcX8EVnsYv18yoN1AyJsfWo MRT
0.00039875 3PH56xdmdJLhxcX8EVnsYv18yoN1AyJsfWo WAVES
0.03 3PE8NizRSK935mnpRfqX5hzQ8PPaarsCpwu MRT
0.00268442 3PE8NizRSK935mnpRfqX5hzQ8PPaarsCpwu WAVES
0.08 3PD5F1bJitAKQdSwbejoh35TFuhJB7XPxeh MRT
0.00624757 3PD5F1bJitAKQdSwbejoh35TFuhJB7XPxeh WAVES
115.34 3PL96VcYGqcnegUfhfE8odsz5GbK1P8CFu1 MRT
9.28653076 3PL96VcYGqcnegUfhfE8odsz5GbK1P8CFu1 WAVES
5.45 3P86XvmXrsWekuqiyRbhhAzrqCcvJeVTm7h MRT
0.43862698 3P86XvmXrsWekuqiyRbhhAzrqCcvJeVTm7h WAVES
0.00000199 3P3HBZFyU8AFTLMa4Rj6LoJHF9arRjU1SyK WAVES
0.00 3PMDRf9CSHFVRgPWNWeqRvzdZMZbthbhY2j MRT
0.00039875 3PMDRf9CSHFVRgPWNWeqRvzdZMZbthbhY2j WAVES
0.18 3PQH4tvDSiA1Yyc8YtPXCeZFXNnY4D6wCxd MRT
0.01479329 3PQH4tvDSiA1Yyc8YtPXCeZFXNnY4D6wCxd WAVES
4.95 3PFVoS5t3QstDvCzzhswS13DpjgezeUbkCG MRT
0.39875180 3PFVoS5t3QstDvCzzhswS13DpjgezeUbkCG WAVES
0.00 3PM66iVkG2DbEzZZnFfkGChA6oAEsVmCTcj MRT
0.00039875 3PM66iVkG2DbEzZZnFfkGChA6oAEsVmCTcj WAVES
0.00 3P5oNY7FLnSWguHBLjpeNckreUt85p1gUGm MRT
0.00008240 3P5oNY7FLnSWguHBLjpeNckreUt85p1gUGm WAVES
0.00 3P94GtjGbaLZHxNXfAzRSe6Zj8UpjCfDSNw MRT
0.00030414 3P94GtjGbaLZHxNXfAzRSe6Zj8UpjCfDSNw WAVES
0.00 3PJC4MwjfBVPD2VkF8sn5PhQBTV64NC71PA MRT
0.00002393 3PJC4MwjfBVPD2VkF8sn5PhQBTV64NC71PA WAVES
0.01 3P7DoA1WHtqtm1KLRwNb3s4qBbYNJKNP21k MRT
0.00052822 3P7DoA1WHtqtm1KLRwNb3s4qBbYNJKNP21k WAVES
0.00 3P87VfTSUnMRjgp5iKbzT3ZAChfKJbDBFWP MRT
0.00001077 3P87VfTSUnMRjgp5iKbzT3ZAChfKJbDBFWP WAVES
4.21 3PQN6WFnKWTmrAfsNnE3ExqhmTiu3RcH7LX MRT
0.33893903 3PQN6WFnKWTmrAfsNnE3ExqhmTiu3RcH7LX WAVES
0.52 3PGzmpV6FyQCsrcjPQd4dqA68i5fEDNempp MRT
0.04193034 3PGzmpV6FyQCsrcjPQd4dqA68i5fEDNempp WAVES
2.40 3PC6NMKnpVQ24CUJF8hDkKdrCxdRYXjscYa MRT
0.19339462 3PC6NMKnpVQ24CUJF8hDkKdrCxdRYXjscYa WAVES
0.07 3P91WX9BZNxLG83hNPzaFzJhL7FMRY5yNdX MRT
0.00598128 3P91WX9BZNxLG83hNPzaFzJhL7FMRY5yNdX WAVES
0.43224696 3PFhNe1LhKDsfHgn9QXPwbKJ3FPVGgRpCNK WAVES
29.72 3PKzZio24usLfAuUD7BbgUz7yjsESJtgHJq MRT
2.39251082 3PKzZio24usLfAuUD7BbgUz7yjsESJtgHJq WAVES
2.55 3PEqqh3tdtGoiaDKGnWL28XrFD6ibb3B1ns MRT
0.20492334 3PEqqh3tdtGoiaDKGnWL28XrFD6ibb3B1ns WAVES
0.05 3PDw45Y9fVoX4vh9BcF5vERTqL4Zsij1f6w MRT
0.00403387 3PDw45Y9fVoX4vh9BcF5vERTqL4Zsij1f6w WAVES
0.03 3PQB4e2fMDXLj85PahjJMjbdHrH1jskpxVJ MRT
0.00203762 3PQB4e2fMDXLj85PahjJMjbdHrH1jskpxVJ WAVES
0.24 3P67EjvAjuJ4FTk9D25zo1Se9tx8K32BeCp MRT
0.01952997 3P67EjvAjuJ4FTk9D25zo1Se9tx8K32BeCp WAVES
0.30 3P7Uj1e6WrTAjutm9ZZSw2DoMXSQ9yAuFJn MRT
0.02392511 3P7Uj1e6WrTAjutm9ZZSw2DoMXSQ9yAuFJn WAVES
0.00 3PEiAwfz9zdhmYJfjihfFm1Gs3go9Xcxk4x MRT
0.00023526 3PEiAwfz9zdhmYJfjihfFm1Gs3go9Xcxk4x WAVES
1.24 3PKK8dKpq4TXyFo18cz5EefuCFtyh1FWDqL MRT
0.09968795 3PKK8dKpq4TXyFo18cz5EefuCFtyh1FWDqL WAVES

Frequently Asked Questions

Just open the "Leasing" tab in the lite client. Press "Start Lease" button then enter 3PB4uwJUr7G3P5naz7K5SHukXapiGyynXqm to the recipient address. Select amount you want to lease and press the "Start Lease" button. After 1000 Blocks your Waves will start to help generating new blocks.
It is absolutely safe! Your Waves will never leave your wallet and you still have the full control of your leased Waves. You can cancel leasing at any time and thanks for Waves NG your Waves will become available in seconds.
Yes! Because your Waves will never leave your wallet so you can still get airdrops.
We are a legal company in Turkey and we are operating fiat gateway for the Waves platform. We are trying to improve Waves Platform. Let us maintain security of Waves Blockchain. Lease your Waves to digilira.
You will get paid on Fridays once a week. Digilira is promising to payout 90% forged tokens. If you cancel your lease and lease to another node you will get paid out up to the point in time where you cancelled the lease.

Get In Touch

Digilira Leasing


Digilira Technology Coorp. Kurtulus Mh. Yenen Sk. No:5/11
Odunpazari, Eskisehir / TURKEY

* digilira payouts 90% of forged tokens.
** benefits from dex trades are calculated from WTRY trades.
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